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Our Technology – The “Magic”

Our technology takes advantage of a very important phenomenon that happens in the body that allows us to guarantee you get results in every session!

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Our Program

Everyone is an athlete… Including you! Like any athlete, you will not be as effective if you are distracted by pain. We train you with this philosophy and offer you the education so you know how it works and can apply it daily!

Path to Performance Steps

Path to Performance

Many believe you need to exercise to get healthy, when, in fact, the opposite is true. You need to get healthy in order to exercise effectively and really enjoy it!

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Our job is to enable you to do what you love to do, where and when you want to do it, without fear of pain, injury, or failure.

Our Stories of Success

I have worked out regularly for a long time, but after I joined Fitness Evolved I have seen much greater gains in strength and endurance than I have ever experienced. They have given me the proper guidance to begin to achieve my fitness goals, and have also helped me to avoid injury so that I am able to maintain my progress. I would definitely recommend them highly to others.

-Michael C.

Fitness Evolved has changed my life! Since I started going there a month ago, I have lost 5 lbs in crucial areas and 4 mm of belly fat. More importantly, I am stronger, more graceful, and have better balance. Their Z-Health® approach to joint mobility as tied to strength training has addressed a chronic hip strain that no amount of yoga or massage therapy has previously alleviated. I am in better shape than I have ever been before. I love every class I have attended and feel that I come away learning more about my body each time, insights that I can apply at home, at the office, or when I am doing other exercises. I LOVE Fitness Evolved!

C.L. Berkeley, CA Via

The Latest and Most Advanced Technology is Now Available to You!

Imagine having the ability to know exactly what you should be doing every day…

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Membership Options

Our membership structure allows us almost unlimited options to ensure your success.

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Are you unable to make it to Fitness Evolved to train with us? Here are some valuable resources to revolutionize the way you train!