This week we’re coming back to vision and adding on the layer of posture!  Did you know that posture, while we are able to consciously control it when we think about it, is actually a reflex?  Did you also know that 70% of that posture reflex is driven by your vision?  That means, if your eyes are fatigued or you aren’t seeing as well as you could, you will adjust you posture to help you see what you’re looking at better… AKA “Computer Neck!”
The average human head ways 12 pounds.  For every inch of forward head posture, an extra 10 lbs. is added.  It’s typical to have up to an extra 33 lbs. of flexed forward posture from poor vision and/or eye strain!  (Thanks, Kay Hutchison for attending the workshop and passing along these stats!)
Especially this time of year when work loads tend to increase in a scramble to finish out the year’s work before the holidays come along.  We get caught up in our work, and before we know it, hours have passed since we even looked away from the computer screen, and our posture reflects it!
So, as an early holiday gift, we’re giving you a simple tool/rule to help avoid “Computer Neck” and keep your tall, beautiful posture for all of your holiday parties…
It’s the 20/20/20 Rule.. 
Every 20 minutes, Look 20 feet away, for 20 seconds.
To make it easier for you to remember, we’re attaching a nice sheet that has a reminder for you that you can print out and hang in your office space so you’ll see it.  This was created by our colleague in Seattle, Jennifer Waak, Z Health Master Trainer and creator of the “Keyboard Athletes” program.  Jen has a great website full of helpful tips and information.  Check it out!

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