The holidays are upon us, and with them comes busy schedules, long days, and lots of stress. One of the best ways to combat the holiday stress and give you more energy to enjoy them is to learn to breathe better! In this video, we give you 4 high payoff breathing muscles to train that can be done quickly with lots of bang for your buck!

Video Highlights

▪ Over 20 muscles are involved in breathing, and the average person takes 22,000 breaths per day- efficient breathing patterns are very important!
▪ In order to get maximal oxygen exchange and the most out of each breath, “4 Dimensional Breathing” is ideal: front/back, side-to-side, top/bottom, and a bonus “superior glide”
▪ Making sure these muscles are working and doing their job can go a long way towards giving you more energy, better posture, less stress, and even relieving some neck tension.



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