There are many approaches to fitness, and many components to a complete fitness program.  At Fitness Evolved, we’re constantly working to improve our programming and offering our members the best and most complete fitness program possible.  
Those with a Customized Membership have seen the benefits of focusing on corrective work, visual skills and coordination, and strength and hypertrophy in their individual sessions, complemented by fast-paced metabolic conditioning classes.  The two work hand-in-hand to make a more complete program.  
Through some experimentation and brain-storming (the hamster wheels were turning!) we’ve come up with a way to evolve our classes to bring more of these benefits to all of our members- Custom and Basic alike.  
Starting in October, we’ll be adding new “Total Body” classes to the mix.  These classes will be designed to take you through a total body training session.  They’ll include a neural warm up, visual and vestibular skill training, corrective and core training, elastic/athletic training, strength and hypertrophy, and a metabolic finisher.  These workouts will look very similar to the workouts our Custom Membership members go through, and will be progressed similarly.  This will allow our Basic members to get a more complete fitness program, and continue to give you the best tools available to help you evolve into the body you want. 
Class times will remain the same (for now) but the types of classes will change.  

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