We just finished our 360 Degree Strength Class here in Berkely and had a great time. Not only did we learn a new way to gain strength, we also spent some time breaking down the neurology of strength. Having knowledge of how things work allows us to train them more effectively. This video is a quick recap of the neurology of strength and a practical way to apply it!

Video Highlights:

▪ Neurology of Strength: There are 2 primary categories- Voluntary Control (actively contracting muscles and making things move) and Reflexive Stability (stabilizing the rest of the body so you can maintain posture and stability for better leverage).
▪ 10% of our brain activation goes towards the “Voluntary Control”.  90% goes towards the “Reflexive Stability.”
▪ Most of our traditional strength training focuses on the 10% (voluntary control).
▪ Focusing on the 90% portion of strength allows greater opportunity for gains.


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