Here’s a great quote by motivational speaker and entrepreneur Jim Rohn:
“We’ve all heard it said ‘An apple a day keeps the doctor away.’ Well, I’ve got a question for you: What if it’s true? Wouldn’t that be easy to do- to eat an apple a day? Here’s the problem: It’s also easy not to do.”

Every day, most of us wake up and start our day on “autopilot.” I wake up, grind the coffee beans and start brewing the coffee, shower, get dressed, eat breakfast and read, grab my coffee mug and head out the door to catch the train. All of this is done without much conscious thought- who wants to think that early in the morning?

This is how we’re wired- to get good at the things we do often so that we don’t have to consciously think about everything we are doing. How much would we get done if we consciously had to think about every step we take every day?

But, what if we’re trying to change something? Whether you’re trying to improve your diet to lose weight, or spending valuable time and money working with a trainer to improve the way you move, look,and feel- existing in autopilot in those hours you’re away from the gym may be inhibiting you from getting the results you’re looking for and working so hard for!

One of my favorite blogs to read is by Lou McGovern, a trainer (and sometimes philosopher!) from San Diego. In post written about “Freedom,” he describes freedom as using the conscious mind to drive unconscious activity. In other words, how did you develop the habits and routines that you have? Did you develop them intentionally, or did they just happen? Any habit, good or bad, can be explored and either improved or changed.

We can use the analogy of a “map” for habits. Every habit has a map in your brain to allow you to perform that habit repeatedly and more easily every time. If you didn’t choose to develop that habit, or movement, you probably didn’t get to choose the quality of that habit, or how well that map was “drawn.” Re-explore it and make it better- make your map more clear! If it’s a bad habit- whether it’s a movement, posture, or dietary choice- that map can be redrawn and directed to where you want to go.

It takes conscious thought and action. Like Mr. Rohn said- an apple a day would be easy to do, but it’s also easy not to do. Practice with the intention of getting better in your training sessions, and then carry that with you when you leave the gym. Sharpen your map, or redefine it. The more you control your maps, the more freedom you’ll have to live the life you desire!


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