One of the things we get asked about frequently is about the issue of aging and our “inevitable decline.” We’ve been told for years, and even learned through science, that once you’ve past your prime, “it’s all down hill from there!”

Research has changed and we now know that’s not true! We used to think our “prime” was our early to mid-20’s, when in fact, according to this great story on ABC News last night, our brain hits its prime in the mid-40’s and continues into our 60’s and 70’s!
The key? Wait for it… Wait for it….
Exercise, Diet, and Stress Management!
We’ll put a “Fitness Evolved caveat” on it and go a little further: Intentional Integrated Exercise, an appropriate Diet and more important, Appropriate Eating Habits, and Stress Management.

Watch this great video, full of explanation and research from UCLA’s Longevity Center (2 minute watch time):

ABC News: Baby Boomer Brain Power


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