A Special Neuro Trick for Less Stress, Better Sleep and Health…

Stress reduction and better sleep are 2 very big topics that we get asked about and coach our clients on regularly. One of the most effective exercises we have found for improving both is actually an old remedy that we have been told to do for years… Gargling!

The muscles of the throat are highly innervated with and closely tied to our “Anti-Stress” System.

Video Highlights

▪ The throat and tongue are highly innervated and have the potential to create a great amount of brain activation and decrease tension.
▪ The Vagus nerve is becoming a widely researched and discussed topic as a way to possible “hack the nervous system” by activating it.
▪ The Vagus nerve innervates almost every organ that is vital to our health: heart, lungs, diaphragm, stomach, our visceral organs, and the gut (digestion)
▪ Easy exercises to implement into your daily routine to make big changes in your posture immediately
▪ A Bonus tip at the end on how to combine gargling with another home remedy to really help improve your sleep!

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