How many of you have experienced us asking you “how well did you sleep last night”? Well, there’s a reason for that! The quality and amount of sleep completely affects the way your body is going to function the next day, the decisions you’re going to make, and even your mood. The following video blog is an extremely informative piece on how better sleep can lead to a better body. Please take less than 6 minutes to watch it and let us know what you think. We hope that you all understand the importance of sleep to your workouts, your recovery, and yes, even your  buy cheap Seroquel on line waistline
Better Sleep = Better Body

  where can i buy lasix tablets What exactly is Z Health?  
A great question.  We know many of you have been excited about what we do, but have had a hard time describing it to your friends and family.  
Here’s a short animated “commercial” that explains it well, and can easily be forwarded to anyone you’ve been trying to explain it to:

Z-Health Animation
Z-Health Animation


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