It’s June!  The weather’s warming up.  It’s almost Summer, and cold drinks, smoothies, and desserts are on their way.  (For some of our members, the frozen treat above has actually been “prescribed” as part of their nutrition plans….)  We thought it imperative to talk about a very important subject that can hinder your refreshment strategy…  browse around this website Brain Freeze!  You know- that searing headache you get when you eat or drink something cold too quickly?
  • What is it?
  • How do I Make it Stop?
I’m glad you asked!  Brain freeze is actually your nervous system putting the brakes on (an action signal telling you to do something different-Click Here).  No, it’s not telling you “Stop- you’re bad!”, which is what most of us think.  It’s actually saying SLOW DOWN and enjoy it.
This article in Science Daily explains what brain freeze actually is.  You are actually “rapidly changing the temperature in the back of the throat at the internal carotid artery, which feeds blood to the brain, and the anterior cerebral artery, which is where brain tissue starts.”  It goes on to explain that while we don’t actually have pain receptors in the brain itself, the tissues that surround it do.  The rapid change and constriction is what causes the pain.
buy modafinil smart drug So how do I make it stop?  Drinking a warm beverage can help, but who want’s to do that on a hot day?  Actually pressing your tongue on the roof of your mouth will quickly transfer heat from your tongue and re-regulate the temperature sensors.  
Don’t let Brain Freeze ruin your summer!  Slow down and enjoy!  And if it does come about, use this quick trick to send it away so you can keep on going.  


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