As you all know, we were closed this weekend to host another educational course.  While we don’t like to close our doors often because it limits our members’ access, we feel it’s incredibly important for us as your coaches to stay up to date on the most current information as well as hone in our coaching skills to give you the most effective programs, sessions, and classes we can.  That’s why it’s so high on our Core Values list.  If you haven’t seen our Fitness Evolved Core Values yet, click here. Why do we go to so many courses, especially Z Health courses?  Good question!  Z Health is the one education company that is continually updating and evolving their system as new information comes out, and we learn more effective ways to use that information.
why not try these out How much new information can there be?  Tons!  Since 1995, 90% of what we knew about how the brain and nervous system works has been proven to be wrong.  This means that neuroscience is changing constantly as our technology improves and we begin to see new possibilities.  
What exactly is Z Health?  Another great question.  We know many of you have been excited about what we do, but have had a hard time describing it to your friends and family.  
Here’s a short animated “commercial” that explains it well, and can easily be forwarded to anyone you’ve been trying to explain it to:

Z-Health Animation
Z-Health Animation


As we continue to learn and practice our skills, we’re better able to help you reach your goals quickly, safely, and sustainably!  Thanks for letting us do that. 🙂

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