Fitness done better… Way better!

We started FE with a clear mission; to design the best possible program for your personal goals and needs and to continually evolve that program so that you achieve your best possible result for life.  While most of the better fitness facilities would agree that training should be tailored to individual needs and change as you change, we saw that was not really happening or, if it was, the personalization was superficial.  Our mission is to get individual training right.

Every trainer needs to have the depth of education and experience necessary to deliver to you an accurate assessment of where you are and know how to create a program for you that really does address your personal needs.  Every trainer must also have skills of attention to ensure that you are executing all movements with precision and to quickly see when your program needs to be adjusted.  This quality of trainer is not easy to find.  We know this means that our business may start slower, but because our approach to business is based on building a long term relationship with each person we work with, we feel we have an approach for long term success that will also satisfy our personal desire for the highest level of excellence.

Most training systems focus on muscles via resistance training and flexibility exercises or on the heart and lungs through aerobic-work. Our training system is much more evolved. Schedule a free Consultation and Strategy Session to find out why!

Our Program Meets a Variety of Needs:

  • Strength, Speed, Stamina, Stability
  • Increased mobility and flexibility
  • Chronic pain relief from issues involving improper movement and alignment patterns
  • Age related perception of decline – often the result of easily correctable issues.
  • Helping those who feel they have no ability find their inner athlete.
  • Injury prevention
  • Visual Skill and Balance Enhancement
  • Discovering the secrets to lifelong health and athleticism
  • Healthy weight loss and sustainable methods for maintenance

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