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— Debra M.

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— Kay H. gives a great testimonial on her results from using Z Health’s Vision Gym

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I started working with Andy almost a year ago.  I had just come out of surgery to repair a ruptured Achilles tendon, a very humbling injury to have before you hit 30. I wanted to get back into playing sports as quickly as possible and had heard really good things about Fitness Evolved’s program.

What I got was a lot more than I expected. I put on almost 20% more muscle, jumping from 135 after the surgery up to over 160. The part that was the most life changing, however, was not the muscle gains or increase in flexibility, or speed.  The most impressive part was his focus, literally on eye training.

Andy diagnosed that I had difficulty tracking objects close to my face.  He developed eye and exercise training to mitigate that weakness.  I had always avoided sports like football because I couldn’t ever catch the ball unless I was standing still facing the thrower.  I can now catch with no trouble, even on the run.  I used to have trouble sprinting down stairs because I felt like my feet might miss a step, now I can run down the stairs to chase BART trains. Finally the most impressive thing is that because my eyes track better I am able to have more energy at work staring at e-mails all day long.

I love sports and am thrilled to be able to perform at a much higher level.  I am even happier that my everyday quality of life has improved, something I was not expecting from fitness training. I can’t recommend Fitness Evolved’s program enough.

– David H.

I have worked out regularly for a long time, but after I joined fitness-evolved I have seen much greater gains in strength and endurance than I have ever experienced. Fitness Evolved has given me the proper guidance to begin to achieve my fitness goals, and has also helped me to avoid injury so that I am able to maintain my progress. I would definitely recommend them highly.

-Michael C.

On Sunday, I climbed from Yosemite Valley to the top of Glacier Point — 9 miles round-trip, 3,000 feet in elevation.  I did this hike two years ago and I thought I was going to die (literally).  The ascent took a long time; I had to stop frequently to catch my breath; and, in spite of the awesome beauty, I was too scared (of dying) to appreciate it.  Fast-forward to Sunday and the impact of Fitness Evolved’s training program:

The hike up to the top of Glacier Point took under 4 hours with one stop halfway up to re-fuel. It was a solid, heart-pumping, oxygen-sucking, invigorating workout. I thought of Fitness Evolved when it occurred to me that this hike was really just like doing a million lunges in a breathtaking setting!  I never once doubted my body’s ability to do what I was asking of it; it was like a trusted friend that I knew would not let me down.  My increased flexibility and physical strength really made a huge difference in my enjoyment of the Yosemite hike.
And, off the mountain, the benefits of your training are continuing to make a huge difference in my enjoyment of moving through my every-day life adventures.

Thank you!
– Kay H.

I first tore my lateral meniscus on the left knee during a wrestling match in high school. The pain was durable at the time, but I made the mistake of not dealing with it immediately. Several years later after college, the injury came back to haunt me. I hurt my knee again while playing sports with several friends. Since then, I had severe pain and swelling in my knee. I tried medication, knee brace, and finally decided to go see a doctor at UCSF Orthopedic Institute. After taking X-ray and Cat scan examination, I was told that I have a permanent arthritis and will never be able to run or play sports. A surgery was recommended to prevent further deterioation of my knee.

I was devastated. Soon enough, however, a close friend introduced me to Andy Clower at Fitness Evolved. He encouraged me and said that with hard work and guidance, I will be able to have an active life style again. Andy designed a special fitness program tailored to my situation. It was designed not only to strengthen my knee, but my overall health and fitness. We had a private therapy session every week to meet that goal. Andy had a wealth of knowledge in body mechanics and sports therapy. I learned countless, simple exercises that I can use virtually anytime in my daily life. I even learned exercises to reset my body reflexes when getting off airplanes.

What I was most impressed with was the amount of effort Andy put into each of his client’s success. Words cannot begin to describe how much Andy worked to improve my knee. After only 6 months, I am now free of all knee pain. I am able to play basketball with my friends after work. On the weekends, I jog around Lake Merced. Thanks to Andy and Fitness Evolved, I am able to live actively like I used to. I highly recommend Fitness Evolved!

-Jim Lee
Accountant, Mortgage Banking
UCLA, B.A. Economics, Intl. Studies

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Fitness Evolved has changed my life! Since I started going there a month ago, I have lost 5 lbs in crucial areas and 4 mm of belly fat. More importantly, I am stronger, more graceful, and have better balance. Their Z-health approach to joint mobility as tied to strength training has addressed a chronic hip strain that no amount of yoga or massage therapy has previously alleviated. I am in better shape than I have ever been before. I love every class I have attended and feel that I come away learning more about my body each time, insights that I can apply at home, at the office, or when I am doing other exercises. I LOVE Fitness Evolved!
–C.L. Berkeley, CA
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If you’re looking for the “real deal” of overall health and fitness training, Fitness Evolved (in Berkeley) is the place.  I’m the kind of person who gets really bored, really fast and so I’ve always had a hard time staying with a program.  Carmela, at Fitness Evolved, makes building health and fitness truly interesting.  I’ve been working with her for nearly three years (which, in my world, constitutes a world record).  She’s incredibly knowledgeable and keeps the workouts changing (or perhaps “evolving” would be a better term here).  Most important, she listens (this seems simple but it’s really important and, in my experience, often missing with fitness trainers who have their own agendas) to what you want and what you can and are willing to do, and builds a realistic plan that is doable and very effective.  I get more from one or two of her 25-minute workouts than two or three of my previous really looooooong (and boring) workouts combined.  I know, hard to believe, but true. The Fitness Evolved facility is a fairly new, super clean place with great music. It’s the kind of place you want to go to, rather than have to go to. And there is lots of easy parking.  Really, truly, honest… you’ll love the place, and Carmela!
–Inger S. Oakland, CA
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Second review of this place; still 5 stars. If you are into getting the maximum out of your workout due to a combination of hard work, and INTELLIGENCE this is the place for you. Carmela and Andy use a great combination of the two to maximize your results. Their modern methods are backed with hard-science, not rooted in archaic philosophy, and you will be amazed at the speed you see results if you follow their instructions.
–Michael C. San Francisco, CA
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I followed Carmela, co-owner, from her previous gym because she helped me lose 35 lbs even after 4 knee surgeries! This gym is big, clean, quiet, and relatively simple.  They don’t have a shower yet but I got over that the first day by just bringing a change of clothes. Parking is no problem at all. This gym doesn’t rely on using a multitude of big machines to give you a kick-butt workout – just try those giant ropes for 20 seconds or swinging those kettlebells! You get a lot of individual attention with both Andy, co-owner, and Carmela who will address any old or existing injury, not letting you leave without feeling better. These two really are specialists in their field and work as a team by taking my individual training to the next level by helping me overcome my old sports injuries that would otherwise limit my performance. The group circuit training classes are a lot of fun too and, again, they will correct anything that you are not doing correctly so that you get the most out of every workout. I will still go here when I move across the Bay, that’s how good Fitness Evolved is!
-Rae Ann S. Oakland, CA
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