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After nearly a decade in fitness and rehabilitation, it became clear to us that there was an opportunity to deliver significantly better results than the variety of training approaches currently employed. 
First, generic training programs not only don’t work for many people, but are actually damaging to some.  Even facilities who claim to offer customized programs often do not know how or do not take the time to do an accurate assessment of what the client actually needs.  A custom program only makes sense if it is what you really need. Second, for some reason, almost the entire industry has been ignoring leading edge research that can dramatically improve results We have spent years rehabilitating “strains” and “overuse injuries” resulting from poorly designed, inappropriate “fitness programs.”  We knew there was a better way.

As a result, we made a major investment of both time and money to identify and work with world leaders in fitness, performance and rehabilitation.  We formed close mentoring relationships with these people to maximize our effectiveness in helping you achieve your goals as fast as possible.  We formed Fitness Evolved to bring our education, skill and dedication to you

Fitness Evolved is the only gym in the Bay Area to be aligned with the world-class, brain-based training system of Z Health and the business and fitness programming system of Results Fitness– recognized world wide for their cutting edge business model and unmatched program design for fat loss.

We’ve created the most evolved training system available, allowing for instant feedback and results assuring an injury and pain free experience while providing on-going breakthroughs for you.  We believe the foundation for any fitness endeavor is a solid, custom-designed fitness program that addresses each individual’s needs and goals. We provide each of our members long-term programs for guaranteed success — road maps that take you from where you are to where you want to go.  We use proven scientific principles to design programs that pinpoint each individual’s desired effects and goals, streamlining the process and getting you better results faster.


Andy ClowerAndy Clower, ATC received his Bachelor of Arts Degree in Athletic Training from Anderson University.  He has been a Certified Athletic Trainer (ATC) since 2001.  During his time at Anderson, he worked with collegiate and high school athletes of all sports.  After graduation, he took a job as a main clinical assistant for Anderson’s team orthopedic surgeon, and was also Head Athletic Trainer at a local high school.

Upon moving to the Bay Area, he switched his focus to rehab and functional training.  He spent five years working at one of the Bay Area’s top Physical Therapy clinics as Head Athletic Trainer.

He has an extensive knowledge of how the body functions and moves, and has worked with many patients and athletes of all levels to not only restore function, but to reach levels beyond their previous abilities.  He is an expert in movement assessment and firmly believes that our bodies are amazing machines, well designed, and capable of doing tremendous things.  His approach is detailed, and he works closely with each client, teaching them safe and efficient ways to use their bodies and ensuring carryover to daily life or athletics.

Through his experiences in training and rehab he developed a passion for helping clients reach new levels.  Hundreds of hours of research, attending seminars, and working directly with some of the best trainers, coaches, and therapists in the world enabled him to create Fitness Evolved’s ground-breaking training system.  He is currently a Z-Health Master Trainer and Instructor, teaching students and trainers from around the world how to help themselves and their clients achieve unthinkable results and change their lives.

He has become determined to change the standards of the fitness industry.  Our mission is to change the way fitness is done around the world.


Greg HartwigGreg graduated suma cum laude from Boston University and then received an MBA from Stanford University.  He worked for a Fortune 100 company and then was founder of two startups.  He is an expert skier and has always loved sports and movement.  About 20 years ago he became certified as a yoga teacher at Piedmont Yoga studio after several years of working with Rodney Yee.  He found he had a skill in helping people recover from injury, reduce pain and move better, so he started a business working with private clients.  A few years ago he discovered Z-Health which is where he met Andy and Carmela.  With Z-Health Greg realized a substantial improvement on already good results.

Greg decided to join FE as a partner, not just because Andy and Carmela are such fine people, but because he feels the Z-Health technology can have a profound impact on the world by giving people a greater quality of life.   So, while Greg continues to work with clients, he is returning to his business roots in an effort to help bring Fitness Evolved results to as many people as possible.  Greg is a Z-Health Master Trainer along with the 9S: Structure course for advanced neuro-training.

Community Service:  Greg chairs the Board of Commissioners overseeing the Oakland Housing Authority.  The Oakland Housing Authority is the largest landlord and real estate owner in Oakland and provides high quality housing and quality services to individuals with low incomes.  Greg was formerly a board member of the District 3 Community Development Block Grant program where he helped determine local allocations of grants for community improvement.  He also chaired the neighborhood crime prevention council.


Mary RochaMary Rocha received her Bachelors Degree in Industrial Engineering from Francisco Jose de Caldas University (Bogota, Colombia).  Mary is a Z Health Level Four R, I, S and T-Phase Certified Trainer and is a personal trainer certified through the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM). Mary has been working with clients of different levels, and she focuses on their individual goals and needs, first teaching them to move better and efficiently.

Mary has been passionate and dedicated to her profession, and continues to learn from everyday experiences with her clients as well as attending numerous continuing education seminars. Her continuing education certifications include:  TRX certified Instructor, Functional Movement Screening certified, Results Fitness Program Design expert, and Kettlebell Instructor through the RKC.


Jesse World's vs SurlyJesse received his B.A. in English from U.C. Berkeley. He is a Z-Health Level 4 R, I, S and T-Phase Certified Coach and certified NASM (National Academy of Sports Medicine) personal trainer.   He has also completed Z-Health’s 9S:  Structure, and 9S: Strength and Suppleness certifications for advanced neuro and strength training.  Jesse’s sports related experience includes 2 World Championships and 1 National Championship in Ultimate Frisbee, road racing bicycles, and competing in triathlons up to the half-ironman distance. He currently plays pick up basketball as his main exercise.

Jesse enjoys helping clients with all types of health and fitness goals, especially getting them out of pain so they can live more active, comfortable, and unlimited lives.  This interest is heavily shaped by his personal experience using movement and Z-Health to recover from chronic and stubborn pain.

He grew up in Berkeley, graduated from Berkeley High and U.C. Berkeley, and has two teenage sons.


IMG_2934Amanda Smith received her Bachelor’s of Arts in Urban Studies and Geography from Macalester College in St.Paul, MN. Growing up in Milwaukee, Amanda, was a competitive gymnast and practiced marital arts. During college she studied modern dance and had an opportunity to learn breakdancing while she completed an abroad program at Columbia University in NYC. It became clear to her after she graduated that her greatest joy was learning new ways of moving. After arriving to the Bay Area, she decided to take the plunge into teaching movement and in 2006 became a Certified Personal Trainer through the American Council of Exercise and National Academy of Sports Medicine.

Since then, Amanda has become a Certified Pilates and Vinyasa Yoga teacher. Hundreds of hours of learning each discipline has given her a deep understanding of how the body can be reconditioned from the inside out. She has studied energy work and sees the body as an interconnected web where one’s thoughts affect one’s body and vice versa. When Z-Health entered her life in 2012 it unlocked the door to explaining the science behind how the body is a full integrated unit and nothing lives in isolation. She has completed the foundation Z-Health courses (R, I, S, and T Phase) and is currently pursuing the complete 9S coursework. Her dream is to complete the Z Health Master Trainer program and help people utilize Z-Health to accomplish their own dreams whether that be running a marathon, doing a handstand, or simple sitting comfortably in a chair.

Her coaching is clear, holistic, intentional, integrated, and informed. She’s easy going, warm hearted, perceptive, playful, and sincere. She’s honored to be at Fitness Evolved, where she believes the standard of care and expertise is truly the best.


Ori Shapira received his Associate’s Degree in Economics from Foothill College where he was a student athlete playing basketball for the Owls. He is a Z Health Level Four R, I, S, and T-Phase certified trainer.

After hitting a wall of pain and hindered performance as an athlete despite working with different types of professionals, Ori discovered the ground breaking concepts and tools in Z Health. He quickly got dramatic results, and since then has traveled and continued to educate himself in the system.

In addition to constantly playing with Z Health ideas to improve himself, Ori enjoys helping a broad spectrum of people, from college basketball players to his grandma who has Alzheimer’s.

Ori is passionate about the potential each of us has to grow and develop our body and brain.



Catherine Chenoweth-Smith received her Bachelor’s of Arts in Neuroscience from Oberlin College in Oberlin, OH.  She has a lifelong love of learning, people, dance, and circus skills. Having taught dance and object manipulation to all ages as well as studying anatomy and physiology in college she is in a unique position to appreciate the work done at Fitness Evolved. It is truly inspiring to see so much change effected every day.

After working as a teacher, dancer, circus organizer and instructor, outdoor educator, and in various offices she is delighted to support the team at Fitness Evolved through wrangling the office work. Catherine is excited to get to know you and is always available for a quick juggling break. She has also completed the foundation Z-Health courses (R, I, S, and T Phase).

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