We all remember that cool 80’s song, right?  If not, here’s a little refresher for you from Corey Hart:

Corey Hart - Sunglasses At Night
Corey Hart – Sunglasses At Night
Anyways….  We’ve been focusing a lot on vision training this year because it plays such an important role in our daily lives- how we see, read, move, and even feel.  One of our Vision Gym Challenge contestants just mentioned today how much less overall tension she feels in her body since she’s been working with the Vision Gym.  
So, on to wearing our sunglasses at night- that’s what it can seem like if our night time vision isn’t up to par!  Night vision is an extension of what we call “contrast sensitivity.”  Contrast sensitivity measures your ability to distinguish objects, clearly, that are similar in color or brightness.  For example, it’s very easy to see a black cat in the snow because there’s a stark contrast between the black fur and white snow.  However, it’s much more difficult to see a white cat in the snow because there’s a much smaller gap in contrast.  Seeing at night is being able to quickly and accurately distinguish objects with less contrast than typically occurs during the day time.
Incidentally, having better contrast sensitivity also allows for easier reading.  The smaller the font size, the more sharp your sensitivity needs to be to pick up each letter and not have the black letters look like blobs or ants marching across the paper.  
We’ve come across another great tool that can really help with both skills- seeing at night and with reading.   And….It’s accessible right on your iPhone or Android device!  The typical training is about 5-7 minutes a day. (They recommend 2-3x/week, but if you’ve been training your vision for a bit and your eyes are somewhat resilient, you can do this one more often.)  
The app is called “Glasses Off”  Click Here to load it.
It’s been widely tested and has gotten some phenomenal results.

Anecdotally, Andy has been using it for the past week, and has actually seen some really fast improvements in things he’s been working on for the past year.  He’s been trying to improve his clarity on the roads at night during the commute home and has noticed an improvement.  He’s been trying to read line #1 on this chart from the Vision Gym and is almost there. And, his vision has gone from 20/10 to 20/8 and working on 20/6 in less than a week of training!
We still have a few of The Vision Gyms available for sale here if you or someone you know would like to get started. Or, pick up this app, start training and see what happens!

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