What to do When You’re Running Late

This week’s newsletter is a little house-keeping, and lighter in nature.  It happens quite often, so we thought we’d give you somewarm helpfuladvice on what to do the next time you’re running late. 
Running late for a class or appointment tends to, naturally, start us into “panic mode.”  We’ve heard some stories of (and even seen first hand! ;)) some pretty dangerous driving stories and frantic entrances from our clients who are running late for their session or class.  It is avoidable, but sometimes it just happens.  So, here are some tips and instructions for the next time you’re running late for a session or class…
buy lasix overnight delivery 1.  Call if you can.  If you have the opportunity tosafely call or email us to let us know you’re running late, we’ll know when to expect you and be ready for you when you arrive.  We can also plan what to do with you in the abbreviated time cytotec 200mcg
2.  Relax!  Running late is not ideal, but it’s also not the end of the world.  We understand that sometimes you get tied down with work or projects.  We also understand that it’s the Bay Area, and you don’t have control over the traffic.  (Do you?  If so, let us know!)  We have our schedule set aside for you for an entire hour.  Something can still be done in the time we have together.   You are welcome to stay after to finish up your workout.  Your coach can tell you what to do or what you should work on.  If you need to leave at the end of your appointment time, too, that’s ok!  Our time together is spent trying to make you move and feel better- no matter how long you get to spend with us.  Your entire isn’t going to go bad because one workout is shortened.  If you’re better after that session, then you’re better, and still on track.  It’s better than not coming at all and not doing something to move and feel better that day.
3.  Warm Up.  When you get here, still take the time to warm up- it’s one of the most important parts of your workout (2nd to recovery, but priority over the “hard stuff”).  If your body isn’t properly warmed up and ready to go, that shortened workout that you already thought was ruined could go even worse and result in an injury that would make you miss even more workouts.  
4.  Breathe.  Take a minute to breathe and let your system calm down.  Breathing helps bring down the stress hormones that slow your metabolism down and gives you energy and clarity to still have a good and productive session, even if it’s shortened.
5.  Focus on Getting Better, Not Just Getting It In!  This is incredibly important.  There’s the tendency to rush through things to get them done instead of actually focusing on what you’re doing.  This isn’t a simple mathematical formula that says X amount of exercises and reps will result in Y calories burned and Z improvements.  Our brain and bodies don’t truly work that way.  Our brain and body adapt to things that we are intently focused on doing and getting better at.  Things that we can do just to do with minimal focus on quality are too easy and require minimal adaptation from the brain and body.  Translation:  You won’t get the results you are looking for by just going through the motions!  Even if you’re breathing heavy and your heart is beating faster.  (See last week’s newsletter on “How Much Cardio do we Really Need?”)  You still have to focus on what you’re doing.  The magic formula is always Quality over Quantity! 

If parking is bad, park in front of the gym, come in and ask for some quarters- we always have some at the front desk!  Get here when you can, take a deep breath, be happy you made it (because we are!), and spend whatever time you have focused on making yourself a little better. 

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