What should I expect during my very first appointment?

First and foremost, we want you to feel welcome! We will go over your medical history, discuss your fitness goals, and take you through a movement screening. This appointment helps us better design a solid program for you in order to get the results you want! After that, we can discuss membership options and get you started!

What do I do when I arrive for a training session?

Say hi! Let us know you’re here, set your belongings down, and we’ll get started. If you have any questions or concerns, let us know before you we your warm-up, even if we are with another member. Feel free to grab a towel and some filtered water while you warm-up.

How do I use my coaching sessions?

Your membership agreement provides you with a certain number of sessions per month. Please keep in mind that sessions do not rollover from month to month, and must be used during that time period. If you are away for a week or two you can make-up your sessions before your new membership month begins. *Please also keep in mind that we require 24-hour notice for cancellations.

How do I learn how to use the equipment?

Your training program will include a variety of free weights, kettlebells, and other pieces of equipment that we will show you how to set-up. If you have a question when you come to workout on your own time, we’d be happy to help and assist you. Just ask!

Are the group fitness classes appropriate for beginners?

Yes! After you’ve had your Consult and Assessment and we’ve ruled out any abnormal risk of injury, you’re welcome to join any of our classes. Our instructors will ensure that you receive movements and exercises that are appropriate for your current fitness level, and if you are unsure about anything during a class, please let the instructor know. We want you to have fun, a great workout, but also be performing exercises that will not harm you or leaving you feel worse than when you walked in!

How do I schedule my next session?

You can reach us via our Contact Us page; telephone: 510-525-1477; or schedule with your coach before you leave the gym.

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