This is probably the topic that comes up most frequently, so we feel it’s important to keep giving you information and resources on why we recommend the shoes that we do.
Science is starting to catch up with what we’ve been utilizing and teaching neurologically! This article from Science entitled “‘Mobility Shoes’ Take a Load off for Knee Osteoarthritis Sufferers” talks about a study recently published in Arthritis & Rheumatism.  
In the study, they found that subjects wearing mobility, or “minimal”, shoes for up to 6 hours day showed actual changes in their gait and the way their knees were loaded during walking.  This study was well done because it went longer than most do- it actually followed the subjects for 6 months, and saw improvements that lasted for the entire 6 months.    
We’ve seen, experientially here in the gym, how letting the joints in the feet do what they’re designed to do- move!- affects strength, mobility, and performance.  It’s great that research is catching up and backing that up!
If you need help picking out the right shoes for you, let us help you!  There are lots of options available now.  Here’s a quick video that we posted a few months ago, but in case you missed it, has some great explanations as to why we recommend this type of footwear neurologically, and also easy tips to start to transition into a more mobile shoe:
Z Blog - Shoe Basics
Z Blog – Shoe Basics

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