Most gym’s around the area are great places where people go, “get there work in”, sweat, and go home.  While Fitness Evolved does have those components to it, we like to pride ourselves on a few things that really you, our members, add to it to make it the wonderful place that it is. 
buy Pregabalin online in uk #1:  Fitness Evolved is a welcoming place full of accepting and supportive people.  We are all on a journey together.  And though we may have different starting points and different backgrounds, we all share the same goal:  We want to be better than we currently are.  Recognizing the above, you all have made this facility a wonderful place to come to everyday, and a warm, welcoming place for anyone new to come to and jump right in! #2:  We’re not Just a Gym.  We’re a  Community.  While we all come here to “practice” and get better, Fitness Evolved is reaching beyond our doors and infiltrating the Berkeley area.  This is evidenced in the Sunday Morning Group Runs that some of our great members have organized and are welcome to all-comers of all levels. (If you’d like to join them, sign up here!)
Andy has had the privilege of speaking to and educating over 60 members of Berkeley’s Police Department and Dispatchers, sharing our message of an “evolved approach” to exercise, health, and life- the first steps towards helping to develop a wellness program for our officers and dispatchers who serve our community to help them perform their job better and more safely which benefits them and our community.
Mary's Baby Shower
And, 20 generous ladies got together a few Saturdays ago and hosted a baby shower complete with a great meal at Scott’s
Seafood and gifts for FE Team Member Mary Rocha.  What a wonderful and generous way to spend a Saturday afternoon!  A community does more than just “workout” together- they do life together.  As this begins to happen, we not only make things better for ourselves but also for those around us who we come in contact with every day.  
Thank you for helping make Fitness Evolved the community that we are today.  We look forward to many more years of growing with you and finding more creative ways to live healthfully and fruitfully!

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