When we created Fitness Evolved in 2010, we were looking for a name that, for one, stood out and set us apart.  But, we were also looking for a name that would, in just a few words, explain what we do- not just sound cool (it does that too! 🙂  We chose “Fitness Evolved” because it describes our approach to health and fitness in its relation to the current model and standard.  We created a more well-rounded, broader, “evolved” way of looking at health and fitness.  Our approach attempts to take into account the entire body and as many factors as possible to give our members the most complete approach to health and fitness we can.
Most of the approaches we see on TV, in magazines, and in the mainstream are narrowly focused on not only instantresults, but results mainly being the ideal body composition image we see in Hollywood and in the media.  They are “shortcuts” with only a few aspects of true health and fitness taken into consideration.  We’ve been convinced that as long as one appears healthy and fit, then they must be that, and should try to be like them.  Appearance is onlyone aspect of health and fitness, and appearance is not always reality.  Many of our shortcut approaches are too intense and uncomfortable to be long-term sustainable.  While our approach, in our opinion, is more evolved than most, the word “evolve” also describes the process which is in opposition to the above.
As many of you who have joined Fitness Evolved are experiencing, finding true health and fitness is a journey… an evolution.  There are no shortcuts, unfortunately, though we have found many new and cutting-edge ways to speed up the process!  
Our approach follows a saying that is well known, and is actually one of the foundational principles of how our body and brain adapt (neural plasticity!):   http://tularecountyhistory.org/california-geography/geographical-changes/embed/ “Form Follows Function.”  You’ve heard this before, I’m sure.  But it’s probably never been impressed upon you exactly how true and important this is.  It’s been physiologically proven that our body is continually adapting it’s structure to support the functions that we carry out the most- for better or worse.  It’s why athletes’ bodies look the way they do, and also why the “office athletes'” bodies look the way that they do, and everywhere in-between.  There are healthy and non-healthy adaptations going on constantly every day.  I’d venture to say the lean, muscular bodies we see as a result of the 800 calorie/day crash diets and/or the intense ab and weight routines make a body look good, but are not really a healthy adaptation (more like a survival adaptation!) that is sustainable long-term and is actually detrimental to health and metabolism.  Quality and healthy adaptation doesn’t happen overnight.  It’s a process that can seem tedious, but much more enjoyable and sustainable.
The basis behind our training is this:   “Creating short term functional gains to promote long-term structural change.”
We are only able to spend a few hours, at best, in the gym each week.  Those hours should be spent working on the attributes above so that the hours outside the gym are full of better, more fluid movement that allows and encourages the body to evolve. It’s why we never let our members leave the gym without moving better than when they came in.  Those hours outside of the gym are what your brain and body will adapt to the most.  And, over time, will allow you to healthily and safely evolve into the body you want.  
Our very first tag line was “Evolving Fitness One Body at a Time.”  We chose that for a reason!  We’re giving your body and brain the tools it needs through a new approach to fitness that creates a long-term structural change that’s happy, healthy, and looks great!
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