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Here is a list of resources that we use every day in our training as well as some books that have helped shape the lens through which we view our training philosophy. These are all excellent, easy to use programs that will help you find your own Performance Gold!

The Vision Gym

Vision Gym BannerNeuroscience is showing more and more that any skill can be improved. Vision is one of our most important skills required for daily function, which tends to decline after long hours of looking at computer screens, straining to read small fonts, poor lighting, and more. Eyestrain and fatigue is a big contributor to pain, poor posture, and overall lack of energy by the end of the day. Many of our clients have benefitted from this program, including alleviating chronic pains, improving posture, and even not needing to wear contacts or glasses! The Vision Gym is an easy-to-implement vision training program designed to reverse those effects, improve your vision, and quite possibly slow down or reverse the aging process!


R-Phase Movement Rehab and Mobility Program

R-PhaseThis program is the starting point for all of our clients. The manuals and DVD will take you through a full body mobility routine, teaching you how to move and control all of your joints, correcting any imbalances or deficiencies, and teaching you how to move fluidly and freely. This program is what typically alleviates many of our clients’ chronic aches and pains, and what we use in our Level One “Health Phase” of training.



I-Phase Athletic Prep Program

I-PhaseThis is our “Next-Level” mobility and movement-training program. This Athletic Prep Program takes the movements you learned in the R-Phase Rehab and Mobility Program and puts them into an “Athletic Movement Template”, teaching you how to move fluidly and completely in all of the most common athletic positions. It also integrates some Vision and Vestibular training into the movement series, both very key components to any complex movement and training program. These exercises are largely included in our Level Two and Three “Wellness” and “Fitness” Phases.



S-Phase: The Complete Athlete Training Program

S-PhaseS-Phase teaches you the “ABC’s of Athleticism” – skills that will take you to the next level if you play a sport; and they are invaluable to every day life for strength building, reactivity, and dynamic balance for daily activities and fall prevention. In this program you will also begin some basic vision training that will boost your results even more. This collection of vision exercises, strength, and athletic transitional movements are started in our “Wellness Phase,” and become the keystones of our “Fitness” and “Performance Gold” programs.


Keyboard Athletes

Keyboard AthletesKeyboard Athletes is full of great tools for all of our “Office Athletes” who can’t find the time to get to the gym or outside every day. In it you will find mobility exercises to mobilize the joints that get stiff and stuck from all of the every-day sitting, as well as fast “resets” to relieve eye strain and boost your energy throughout the day. Eye fatigue and lack of mobility are huge energy drains and make us less productive as the work day goes on (a huge reason we crave that 3:00 PM nap!). Decrease your pain and improve productivity with this simple, easy to implement program.

The Happiness Advantage: The Seven Principles of Positive Psychology That Fuel Success and Performance at Work

This could possibly be one of the most important books you will ever read. As Neuroscience advances and we learn more and more about the brain, it is becoming abundantly clear that we have the power to create the life we want. Positive Psychology is a fast-growing field that is showing just how important mindset is to determining how happy and successful we can become. Everything is a skill that we can train given the right tools – even happiness!



The Brain That Changes Itself: Stories of Personal Triumph from the Frontiers of Brain Science

The science of Neural Plasticity has changed things completely- including the way we train! This book introduces us to the concept of Neural Plasticity and gives many incredible and inspirational stories.  We’ve just scratched the surface of what we know about the brain and how it works, and its limits are unknown!  This book shows just how possible the impossible actually is!

Balance: In Search of the Lost Sense

One of the least understood and under-trained systems in the body is the Vestibular System.  Perhaps one of the most important systems for safety and quality movement, the Vestibular System is responsible for telling us “where we are going,” and “which way is up.”  When you “train your balance,” are you really training what you think you are training?  Balance doesn’t just take place in your feet, ankles, and legs.  Most of it takes place in your head!

Talent is Overrated

While many believe elite performers “are just talented,” when you really look at it, they’re not that different from you and I.  What’s the biggest distinguisher between the best of the best and the rest?  It’s not genetics, pre-determined “talent”, or anything of the sort- it’s how they practice!  The best performers practice differently, and more intentionally, than anyone else.  When your brain is fully engaged and focused on getting better, you do just that.

Talent Code: Greatness Isn’t Born. It’s Grown. Here’s How.

What is the secret to developing elite talent?  Practicing hard and correctly!  Learn the secret to becoming world class at any skill at a faster pace than you ever thought possible! These are the same principles we use at Fitness Evolved to help our clients improve movement, strength, and skill almost immediately in every session.

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