This week Dr. Cobb of Z-Health is back with a quick video (less than 3 minutes!) and a brilliant idea for us.  
Our goal at FE is to give our members tools to use that they can implement into their daily lives to help you create the change you want.  We’ve all found exercises we need to do often as “resets” or part of our rehab and training.  Having a physical reminder is a great way to interrupt the pattern so we can start to implement the new pattern.  
cheap clomid The 1-Step “Text Message Exercise Program”
We even have a downloadable guide to help you.
Give this a try!  Whether it’s taking the time to do a “reset” in your workday, or doing a mobility or vision exercise you’ve been “prescribed” by one of your coaches to do daily, pick something!  Consistency is what creates change!  Remember the goal isn’t to use text messages to help you “get fit”, but to learn how to use things that occur frequently in your life as reminders to take action on things you really want to make happen!

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