This week’s topic is another one that’s important for your workouts, recovery, and waistline:  fuel!  Are you getting the right fuel for the tasks you’re asking your body to perform?  Many of you have expressed to us that you’re enjoying your programs, feeling much better, but still aren’t totally getting the results you’re looking for in the weight loss/appearance department.  Working out, exercising, and moving better are a great first step in this process, but they aren’t the whole story.  A good rule of thumb that we like to follow is:   order nolvadex and clomid “Move to feel better.  Eat to look better.”
A lot of you are working out for the first time, and are using your body completely differently than you ever have.  But, you are still fueling yourself the same way you were fueling your “old body” before you began challenging it differently. 
So, how should we be fueling our bodies?  That’s the million dollar question!  There are thousands of diet books, websites, blogs, DVD’s, informercials, and everything else out there all telling you different things.  There are many different philosophies and thoughts about many different details- some that matter, some not so much.  But almost all plans have at least one consensus:  If you’re going to be exercising and using your muscles, sufficient protein is mandatory for proper recovery, health, and metabolism.  If you’re not getting enough protein in your diet, but stressing your body regularly in your exercise program, you’re putting yourself behind the eight ball and actually impeding your progress.  You can’t build muscle if you’re not giving them the right fuel to grow and be active.  Protein is also a key building block for all of your good, youthful, anti-aging hormones!  Sufficient protein is key.  Getting “some protein,” or eating things that “have protein in them” is not quite enough, and typically not a whole protein that is completely usable by the body to fuel and repair.  Eating real foods that are primarily protein in each meal is the only way to ensure that you’re actually getting enough.  
Best sources that we’ve found in all of our research, experimentation, and coaching so far:  grass fed beefs and lamb; pastured eggs, dairy (milks, cheeses, etc); shellfish- especially oysters, shrimp, crab, mussels; and tropical/less fatty fish; beef gelatin (see below)
We know it’s challenging to do, and we also know many of you have turned to protein powders to help you get the protein you need.  While those aren’t all bad, many of them are incomplete, or really, not real food.  We’ve actually found a protein powder that is not only made from real food, but is also a protein that should be included in any diet because of its anti-inflammatory, healing, and repairing properties.  It provides a complete profile of amino acids (building blocks of protein) that muscle meats lack.  We’ve had great success with using it to repair muscles, heal digestion, reduce inflammation, and increase metabolism.  It’s beef gelatin powder from Great Lakes:
   It is flavorless and dissolves in any temperature liquid, so can be used in almost anything:  protein shakes, soup broths, sauces, coffee :), or whatever else you drink with your meals.  
We’ve been searching for over a year for dietary solutions that we know work for our members, and we can say with confidence that this one does!   where can i purchase lasix Supply can be limited and pricing very inconsistent because of demand, but we now have it available for our members to purchase at Fitness Evolved.   This is an almost must-have supplement to any diet, and we strongly recommend using it.  1-2 tablespoons/day can be enough to have a profound effect.  It typically works best with a meal that includes meat to give your body the complete amino acid profile.  Put it in a soup broth to have with your appetizer or in your drink.  You can also use it in a protein shake/smoothy after your workout or in the morning with your breakfast.  
You’ve taken a great step in becoming active and helping your body move and feel better.  Now, give your new body the fuel it requires and keep working your way towards the body you want!

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