Last October, we did a newsletter focusing on “The Process or the Results.”  (for a refresher, click here.)
In that newsletter, we discussed how the best performers, not just in athletics but in all different aspects of life, are focused more on the process, trusting that will lead them to the results they’re after.
This is one of the most important, and challenging, concepts for us to understand and master if we want to continue to be successful.  We see it a lot when it comes to making changes in either exercise, diet, or daily routines.  Many people come to us with a very big goal- “I want to lose X# of pounds, and be healthy and fit for life.”  This is a great goal, and we love helping people get there! 
But, the first step to losing that many pounds is to lose 1 pound.  The first step to losing 1 pound is to make some sort of dietary change.  There are a multitude of dietary changes that can help you lose that 1 pound, which will you choose?
Being healthy and fit for life starts with exercising.  Before exercising, there may be some injury, pain, or movement dysfunction issues that need to be addressed to allow you to exercise safely, efficiently, and long-term.  85% of Americans who begin an exercise program quit within 6 weeks due to excessive pain or injury- not a good strategy for lifelong health and fitness!
The point is this… Having big goals is great, and we should all have them.  BUT, once you set them, put them away for a while, and focus on the smaller things that will get you to your goal.  Hitting smaller, more attainable goals regularly keeps momentum and keeps you on track to hitting that big goal.  
For example, instead of completely overhauling your diet, going on a cleanse, or any other fad that’s out there, you may be able to more easily change an eating habit.  Did you know that, on average,  we eat 10% fewer calories when we put our fork down between bites than when we don’t?  (Time for some Math:  2,000 calories/day x 10%= 200 calories less/day= 73,000 fewer calories/year!)
Making a small amount of progress each day equates to quite a bit change over the course of a year!  
Set the big goal, and then focus on the smaller, more manageable pieces that you can implement to get you there.
This is one of the simplest, most powerful (and challenging!) concepts that we could ever teach you. We’ve taught, and will be teaching many more, concepts, workshops, and classes.  But the most important one we can offer you is below.  This workshop can literally give you the tools to make any change you want in your life, and to truly have the life you want.  Give yourself the permission and the tools to write a new story!  

80/20 Your Life!!!
We’re almost a quarter of the way thru 2014, can you believe it? At this point in the year, we want to ask you a few things:
1) Did you set new goals for 2014?
2) Have you completed any or are on your way to completing some?
3) Have you forgotten about them already? 
If you answered “yes” to ANY of those questions, this newsletter and the info below is for you! As coaches, we often see and hear about “failure” to do X,Y or Z from our clients, family and friends. Although this is a very common issue, we wanted you all to know that when it comes to goal setting and achievements/successes, it’s not about being perfect all the time, but rather staying consistent most of the time. 
Fitness Evolved has teamed up with Christine Scudder, MSW & Board Certified Coach, to bring you a series of classes called “80/20 Your Life in 2014!”. We will take concepts from exercise science, neuroscience, and psychology to figure out the simple techniques to stay consistent most of the time. If you, or anyone you know, continues to struggle with one particular area of your life and truly want 2014 to be the year you tackle it, we invite you to attend our free introductory meeting on April 9th at 7pm, right here at FE. We’ve attached the brochure for this special series of classes, and we’d love for you to forward it on to anyone who might need it. There is also a website (in progress, though accessible) that you can check out for more info! 

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