If you’ve been to Fitness Evolved at least once (or even just read our weekly newsletter!) you’ve probably realized that we’re not your typical gym.  We do things differently here.  In fact, that’s probably what attracted most of you to FE in the first place, and the reason you keep coming around. 
We don’t do things the same way other places do it…. We use vision exercises to correct posture and increase strength, we have you move your elbow to alleviate knee pain, we place objects in your hand and have you guess what it is to alleviate foot pain, we tell you to drink orange juice to alleviate shoulder pain, we may even give you a Coke after a bee sting to let the sugar and carbon dioxide help your body defend itself against the histamine allergic response and prevent it from swelling and getting painful so you don’t miss your workout. 😉
The point is, we have a different view of exercise, health, fitness, and function than the mainstream.  Science is changing rapidly- there are 100,000 new studies being published right now per year in neuroscience alone!  Our goal has been to stay on top of the latest and newest information, apply and test it, and then bring it to you in hopes of finding the fastest acting and most effective techniques possible.  
Our goal, also, is to be an educational facility- not only to learn for ourselves and teach other trainers, but to also give you as much information and tools as you need to learn how to take care of yourself and work towards the healthiest, happiest life possible.  If you see us doing something weird with you or another client and wonder what the heck is going on, ask!  Chances are you’re not the only person with that question.  There is a method to our madness, and curiosity and questioning is the best way for you to learn and grow your tool box!  We’d like to be a “Community of Practice” where we’re all working together to learn, do, and make ourselves the best we possibly can be!

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