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This week’s newsletter is actually a TED Talk that we think is very well done, entertaining, and makes some really interesting points.  If you at least watch the first 5 minutes (set 5 minutes aside to watch this!) you’ll see how we’ve started to take all of the data we’ve gotten and applied it to “the average person.”  Following that rationale, comparing ourselves and shooting for what the “average person” does leads us to being just that:  average.  Most of us have higher hopes and expectations for ourselves.  That’s why our training system is based on what the best of the best performers (in athletics and life!) can do.  
If you watch further, he shows how “training your brain” doesn’t just apply to what we do here in the gym, but we can also train it during our daily lives to improve performance, productivity, and happiness.  
TEDxBloomington - Shawn Achor -