Vision is King: Vision and Reaction Training Workshop

pharmacy viagra online Saturday, December 1st, 12:00-4:00 PM 

buy amoxil online cheap 1374 10th Street (near Gilman)

Berkeley, CA 94710​

(510) 525-1477​

Whether you want to take your athletic skills to the next level or reverse visual decline this workshop is for you!

How would your life improve if you were able to see, process, and react to everything around you more quickly, clearly, and accurately? 

 Vision is more important than you have ever imagined.

We are excited to bring you a workshop you can't afford to miss -- Vision is King: Vision and Reaction Training 

If you are a human this workshop is for you. We all need to see well. This workshop will not only provide you with the science behind the importance of training your vision -- you will get to experience the effects first hand!

Expand Your World and Join Us!

Cost:   $100

Come to the Fitness Evolved Vision and Reaction Training Workshop and Get:

  • Greater knowledge of how vision works
  • Hands on experience training your vision and reaction time 
  • Access to state of the art vision and reaction training technology
  • Daily exercises you can do to improve 
  • Tools and materials that you can take with you