We had a great time and turn out at our “Busting the Myths of Mainstream Nutrition” seminar. One of the myths we talked about is the current belief that body-weight is an indicator of health. While the mainstream thought is we need to lose weight in order to get health, the truth is that the exact opposite is true: You need to get healthy and heal your metabolism in order to lose weight!

This video is a clip from that session…

Video Highlights

▪ How you look and how much you weigh is a very poor indicator of health.
▪ Exercising intensely to lose weight is “survival weight loss” not “healthy weight loss”.
▪ Weight loss and Fat loss is a side effect of getting healthier, not the way to get healthy!
▪ Heal your metabolism so your body is burning fat for energy throughout the day, not just while you’re working out!



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