Last week, we started a discussion (a rather long on ;)) on Motivation. The main premise was that motivation is an actual skill that can be developed.
If you missed last week’s article, you can click below to read it.

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This week, we are going to add to that. The quote to the right is actually our “Quote of the Month” on our board in the gym. This brilliant quote boils down to doing things purely for the joy of doing them, not for some ulterior motive or goal that is not super, 100% important to us.

If we can find the things that bring us joy, and do them or things that enable us to do them, that is when motivation is at its highest and we are really able to create true change and progress.

There’s more to come next week on this topic to continue to unravel it, but we’ll leave you with this article from the New York Times: “Better Aging Through Practice, Practice, Practice”

go to the website Click Here for the Full Article

A sneak preview to this article and next week’s post… Challenging ourselves and doing things for the joy of doing them is the key to true health, better aging, and really enjoying life!

Until then…


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