Everyone is an athlete – including you! If your main activity is sitting at a computer screen or flying from city to city for meetings, you depend on your body to be able to continue to do whatever you need to do. And, whatever it is you do, you need to be physically and mentally good at it. Like any athlete, you will not be as effective if you are distracted by pain. If your movement or sitting posture is improper, you are laying the groundwork for future problems. If movement patterns improve, you are laying the groundwork for a long, healthy and productive life. Your body will affect your performance no matter what you do. You are an athlete!

You are the focus – The diagram below shows the many attributes that need to be developed in all of us. This is the 9S personal development model from Z-Health® that we have adopted. At Fitness Evolved we assess what attributes you need to develop and in what dose. Every person is different, every person will need a different mix and approach. Whether you work at a computer or are a world class athlete, you are the center of everything we do. Using this model for training allows for an unlimited level of personalization.

Z-Health 9S Athletic Development ModelOur program is comprehensive – The diagram shows the range of skill set we draw from. But, we are not just training. We offer education about the what and the why of what we do; explaining the science behind it so you can understand why our approach works. The more you know, the more effective we can be and the better results you will receive. Throughout the year we will be holding seminars and workshops led by our staff and other world renowned experts.  Each workshop will dive deep into one or more of these 9S’s to give you tools and skills to get the most out of each attribute.  These workshops are for our members and open to the public as well.

The Video Below Explains the 9S Model in Greater Detail:


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