The common belief is that you need to exercise in order to get healthy when, in fact, the opposite is really true:

You actually need to get healthy in order to exercise effectively and really enjoy it!

Path To PerformanceHealth – This is our foundation stage for health and performance. To achieve a strong foundation, we must become significantly free of pain, rehabilitate injury, become free of chronic disease, and develop proper movement patterns.  Improper training without a healthy foundation will not produce a desired result and can possibly lead to injury.

Wellness – After the achievement of Health, the next step is to ensure our health is sustainable where we are free of recurring or chronic pain, have created injury resistance, and enjoy a strong, disease-resistant immune system. A much wider range of training and sports options are now possible for us.

Fitness – Achieving sustained health allows us to begin to train in whatever way is necessary to achieve our goals. This is exciting because we are now able to train for events and/or sports we have never been able to enjoy in the past, or have not for a long time. Our body shape and physical appearance will reflect our progress towards our ideal.  Importantly, we should notice how great we feel.

Performance Gold – We have now achieved our original goals, whatever they may be. Performance gold is your gold! You have set a goal and you have achieved it. Our job now is to help you stay there for the long haul and help you create and move towards new goals, perhaps goals you have never imagined possible.  That is Performance Gold!

For us, Fitness is a life long process where you keep improving until you die. We know some loss does come with age, but not nearly as much as widely believed. What we find exciting is while we may experience loss in some areas, we can continue to gain in others so that we actually keep improving. In fact, scientific evidence is starting to accumulate showing that age-related loss is more of a myth than a reality. Observed decline is often due to skills and attributes becoming lost due to lack of use (“use it or lose it”) rather than aging itself. These skills and attributes can often be regained and even improved upon with the proper training approach.

How we help you along the path:

  • Everyone is personally coached.
  • We assess throughout the session to ensure you are getting exactly what your body needs that day and that you are improving every time you come in.
  • We use a new and remarkably effective technology to reduce pain and improve performance.
  • Our community: Our community is amazing. We all support one another, and this may be more important than you imagine.

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