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Imagine having the ability to know exactly what you should be doing every day…

We are using the latest technology in training and analysis that takes the guess-work out of training and replaces it with science.  Most programs are written in a linear or predictable fashion, assuming that everyone adapts to exercise the same way.  Neuroscience is showing us that there is no one-size-fits-all exercise program.  We are all individuals and respond to most things differently.  With these technological advances we are able to immediately see how your body is responding to your program which enables us to adjust it on the spot buy priligy 60mg uk .  We give you the technology and teach you the method so you are empowered to take full control of your health and fitness.  We are here to coach you through every step of the way.


Heart Rate Variability (HRV) Monitoring and Analysis

Heart rate variability is the physiological phenomenon of variation of the time interval between heartbeats.   High variability is correlated with high levels of fitness and good health.  Low variability is correlated with stress, fatigue and less than optimal health.  Each day, a measurement is taken and you are given a number.  This number is compared to the previous days’, weeks’ and months’ readings and gives you an assessment of where your training intensity should be each day- Should you work on recovering, training hard, or just dial it back a notch?  The answer to this question is no longer a “guess.”


HRV Equipment

Accurate measurement of internal stress levels that enables us to:

  • see how life events are actually affecting our internal state
  • take guesswork out of training enabling us to respond immediately and properly to internal changes as necessary.
  • assess long term progress towards superior health.
  • ascend the path towards superior health faster and more efficiently by taking proper action to drive HRV to optimal level.

Poor HRV Correlates With

  • Inflammation
  • Chronic pain
  • Poor immune support
  • Risk of cardiac incident
  • Low energy
  • Poor sleep
  • Low Metabolism

Other devices fall mostly into two categories:

  • Heart rate monitoring – helps you know if you are training within your target heart rate zone.
  • Distance covered or steps taken – A useful measure of how active you are and it is often used for a general estimate of calories burned.

The Dose MattersHow You Feel Is Not Always an Accurate Indicator…

Our stress hormones are designed to make us feel good and can impair our ability to objectively gauge how ready we are to train.  The body’s response to stress is always the same, no matter the stressor.  We often don’t take into account the stresses of life- jobs, sleep, diet, relationships- and how they also take a toll on the body.  Those accumulate each day, and adding the stress of training to that mix may or may not be the safest and best choice each day.  Total stress, not just training stress, needs to be accounted for in any well managed health and fitness program.  Over-stressing the body can lead to pain, injuries, or sickness.  Just the right amount of stressors allows your body to adapt and improve, making you strong, healthy, and resilient.

The HRV technology gives us an accurate assessment of your internal state so we can ensure you are receiving the optimal “dose” of training each day to keep you on the path to Health, Fitness, and Performance Gold.  This daily measurement combined with Z-Health® assessments gives us the precision and granularity needed to do that.