Fitness Evolved was created with two purposes in mind: 
1.  To help as many people as possible improve their quality of life through increased health and fitness.
2.  To be a part of

 transforming the fitness industry by creating a new model of gym:  One that’s more concerned with member results than membership numbers.  And one that’s committed to continually learning and improving the way we do things to make sure we’re on the forefront of the training industry and can give our members the best experience possible.
We’ve invested tens of thousands of dollars in continuing our education, as well as countless hours researching, practicing, and applying in order to become the best coaches we can be for our members.  We’ve chosen to “buck” the mainstream industry that doesn’t seem to be working based on the increasing levels of obesity and disease, and look for a more evolved approach that can truly create lasting and sustainable results along with a pleasant experience.  
This approach, admittedly, set us into “crisis” as we completely overhauled our training system and years of education just months after opening our business.  It was incredibly threatening and risky, but we knew we had to make the change if we were truly going to give our clients the best available.  In hindsight, we’re so glad we did!
We’re always willing to take the risk and put in the hard work if it’s going to result in the opportunity to help more people, better.  Currently, our culture is being sold a bill of goods that says we have to punish ourselves through exercise and crash diets in order to become “healthy” (if you view skinny and malnourished as “healthy,” but that’s another topic for another day!) when dietary changes will help to lose the weight, and improving movement quality will lead to decreased pain and increased fun activities and quality of life.  “Punishing” ourselves is not the path to optimal health and wellness.
We were recently confronted by some questions in one of courses that challenged us:  “How many of you think you have helped somebody over your career?”  Obviously, we all raised our hands.  “How many of you believe you could help more people if they came to you?”  Again, we raised our hands.  “If they don’t know who you are or how to get to you, then you’re actually doing them a disservice.”  This was followed by a collective “Oh…..”
We started this business to help as many people as possible, to show them there’s a better way, and to change the current model for the better.  We’re calling on you, our current and former members, to help us help others like you.  If you’ve benefitted (or not!) from our services, please take a few minutes and complete a survey that will help us better structure ourselves so we can help you and others.  
Thank you for all of your support and for making Fitness Evolved the best gym in Berkeley!

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