This clever line from the TV show South Park (yes, it caught my attention one day as I was flipping channels) though intended as a joke, does give me something to think about. Dr. Eric Cobb of Z Health has a saying: “The body you currently have is the body you’ve earned by the way you move.”

What this means is, because our body is constantly adapting and changing with each movement to accommodate what we are trying to do, our current body has been shaped by all of the movements and activities we’ve participated in throughout our life- both good and bad. When we were young and developing, most of us learned to move and exist in the world with efficient and good patterns and habits. As we grow, life happens- we have injuries that alter the way we move, we participate in activities (ie. sports, running, dancing, etc) that build and improve our movement skills, we get a job that requires hours of sitting at a desk behind a computer or behind the wheel of a car and “forget” some of our movement skills and alter the way we move again to work around those “forgotten movements,” more injuries happen and pain comes along. Today most certainly is yesterday’s future.

We’ve resigned ourselves to the fact that we’re getting older and pain is just a part of the aging process as well as diminishing strength and movement skills, but that’s not the end of the story. We’re missing the silver lining, or the “Golden Ticket!” Tomorrow is today’s future!

This adapting and learning never shuts off (contrary to popular belief). The condition we are in now is not a “permanent condition.” You’re never “too old,” or “too broken.” We can always improve, provided we choose to put in the work to do so. It takes some discipline, determination, and some proper guidance, but you are never too old or too broken to make a change and make an improvement. We spend our time and energy working hard to make money and save for our future. Why not make the same investment in your body? Investing in your body today will not only give you almost immediate improvement today, but will prepare your body for a healthier, more active future! Today’s future is tomorrow- start investing in yourself today!


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