Best fitness equipment brands

Best Fitness Equipment Brands: What to choose and How

While we all have preferences, the finest home fitness businesses will stand out in more objective areas. Having the correct equipment will thrill your users and keep both you and them coming back for more time and time again.

High-quality gym equipment is not only visually appealing, but it also feels fantastic. Furthermore, it is simpler to use and offers greater value for money because it will last for a longer period of time.

When it comes to choosing gym equipment, we’re talking about heavier-duty frames, more durable motors and components, and longer warranties.

There are hundreds of firms out there producing anything from cardio machines to racks, barbells, weight plates, and other fitness equipment, ranging from little start-ups to some of the world’s largest manufacturers. Because of this, determining which brand to pick might be a challenging task.

What are the best fitness equipment brands?

Should you spend a little more money on equipment from a mid-priced brand that focuses on offering the best value for money, or should you spend a little more money on equipment from a high-end brand that focuses on delivering the finest equipment available?

We’ve developed a list of the best brands of strength equipment available today. Listed below are the most effective locations to seek for the equipment of your choosing.

Best Brands for Commercial Gym

Large commercial gyms use a brand like Technogym, Precor, Hammer Strength, etc.

Hammer Strength

Hammer Strength is a brand that specializes in the production of strength-training equipment, as the name implies. Founded in the 1990s, this firm has been producing since. For Hammer Strength, there has been no turning back since.

The equipment produced by this company is of the highest possible quality. This is why commercial gyms like to purchase strength equipment from this manufacturer.

The ergonomic design of the equipment ensures that you get the finest training experience possible. As previously stated, this is achievable due to the equipment’s natural range of mobility. As a result, the exerciser does not experience any discomfort.


Precor is a well-known brand in the fitness sector, and with good reason. High-end strength training equipment for use in commercial gyms is available from this manufacturer. Despite the fact that the company was founded in 1980, Precor continues to manufacture cutting-edge gym equipment.

This company’s DNA is infused with the spirit of innovation. Even the earliest Precor equipment that was created was highly efficient in its operation. Despite the fact that this manufacturer produces a wide range of items, its strength equipment is its crowning achievement.

Precor is a name that is synonymous with unshakable excellence. The level of customer service is exceptional. This implies that the firm does not lose sight of its consumer once the product has been sold.

Rogue Fitness

Bill Henniger created Rogue Fitness in 2006, and it has grown into a successful business. Bill began his entrepreneurial adventure in his garage, but the firm swiftly expanded.

With more than 43 acres of property in Ohio and 600 staff who are responsible for developing and distributing their stock, they are now a major player. They’ve established a strong foothold in the American market, and they’re now aiming to expand internationally.

Rogue Fitness is a wholly owned and operated American company. They believe in obtaining everything locally, from materials to people, and they are committed to supporting the local ecosystems in which they are based. On their website, they state their mission as “building an Industrial Revolution 2.0,” which includes generating jobs and opportunities for everyone in the local community while also producing stunning commercial gym equipment along the way.

Rogue Fitness offers a diverse selection of gym equipment to meet the demands of all members, including a large CrossFit area. They also offer a visualization program called ‘Zeus,’ which assists you in planning and structuring the layout of your gym so that you can accommodate everything in the most efficient manner. Everything from machines to supplements can be found here, making them a one-stop shop for gym equipment.

Rogue Fitness is not the most costly brand, but they are not the most affordable. They offer reasonable value for money at this price point since their equipment is well-made and meant to endure a long time. Rogue Fitness is a fantastic commercial gym equipment company, and the fact that the equipment is manufactured in the United States adds a significant amount of value. They are an excellent alternative for use in home or business gym environments.

Life Fitness

Life Fitness is a more established company that has built a solid name both domestically and internationally. These companies were created more than 50 years ago and are really made up of six separate brands:

Life Fitness, Hammer Strength, Cybex, Scifit, Indoor Cycling, and Brunswick are just a few of the brands available. This mixture of diverse manufacturers allows them to provide a far greater range of high-quality gym equipment than some of their competitors.

In our opinion, Life Fitness provides one of the most comprehensive collections of gym equipment available anywhere. Their extensive inventory includes everything from high-quality treadmills to accessories, and they are suitable for both beginners and specialists. They even provide a variety of training packages and one-on-one personal training, which is great for individuals who are serious about improving their fitness.

Life Fitness provides high-quality gym equipment at a reasonable price. They are a genuinely fantastic gym equipment company because of the large variety of items they provide, the high quality of the brand, and the inexpensive cost of many of their solutions, all of which contribute to their overall success. If you’re looking to outfit your home or commercial gym, Life Fitness is a brand to keep an eye out for.

Iron Company

When it comes to the fitness business, Iron Company is a well-known brand. It is a retailer of many types of workout equipment. However, this firm is regarded as a leader in the field of free weights.

Free weights are, without a question, essential for strength training. Examples include dumbbell training, barbell workouts, and Kettlebell exercises, to name just a few of the options available.

Iron Company strength equipment can aid in the development of muscle and strength in exercisers. This is a goal that the majority of individuals who walk into a gym are striving to achieve. You can assist them in achieving their goals.

Giving your members the best equipment possible would improve their overall performance. It is possible to select from a variety of Iron Company strength equipment options. Squat racks, weight benches, and functional trainers are examples of such equipment.


Technogym is a cutting-edge fitness brand that develops cutting-edge solutions for fitness fans. They’ve only been around for a few years, but they’re already creating waves, and some of their creative items are beginning to get traction.

They believe in encouraging wellness and providing individuals with the tools they need to work out in their own way to achieve their goals. Technogym is a company that provides new twists on standard gym equipment and has a large selection of goods available.

They are mostly focused on machines, but they also feature certain weights and accessories that are meant to fit into a modern, active household. In addition to portable weights and balance balls that can be used while working from home, they also have small devices that can be folded away when not in use. Because of all of this, they are quite useful for usage at home.

Technogym is a little more expensive than traditional brands, but they include some added functionality that makes them an excellent value for the money. Their commercial gym equipment is certainly not their strongest suit, but they do provide some fantastic home gym options that many people may find beneficial in their daily lives.

Best Brands for Home Gym

Since the COVID-19 epidemic broke out, the demand for gym equipment has skyrocketed, as everyone is hunting for home remedies until the gyms can reopen their doors.


“Be Fit for Life” is the tagline for BowFlex, which perfectly captures all of our objectives for ourselves and our life. The year 1986 marked the beginning of this firm. It all started with the simple notion of inventing cutting-edge ways to deliver gym-quality results into the comfort of one’s own home. In lieu of manufacturing conventional weight machines for use in a gym, this company has chosen to concentrate on developing equipment for use at home. The concept was well received; individuals appreciated the prospect of saving time by not having to travel to the gym and wait in line to utilize the equipment.

Since its inception, BowFlex has remained on its path of innovation, investing more than 30 years in the development of home gym equipment that allows individuals to get more fit more effectively from the comfort of their own homes. According to the company’s mission statement, they “concentrate on developing machines that deliver results as fast and effectively as possible, allowing you to get on with your day and live a healthier, happier, and more fulfilling life.” Ultimately, it aspires to be recognized as the gold standard of fitness.

Bowflex understands that home gym customers come in a variety of shapes and sizes, as well as varying degrees of fitness. As a result, they have developed a line of home exercise devices that are ideal for people of all ages and fitness levels. Included in this category are complete exercise products with great names like “Max Trainers,” “Lateralx,” and “Body Tower,” among others. It has also received a number of honors, including the ISPO 2018 Award in the field of health and fitness products.

Total Gym FIT

“Total Gym FIT” is an excellent name for a company that sells home exercise equipment. It explains clearly what the brand’s mission is, which is to design gym equipment that will help you get in shape completely. It has been 19 years since this brand had its television debut, making it one of the most established brands on the market. It all started out as a concept to assist those who were recovering from physical ailments in their recovery process. To give it its full name, the “Total Gym FIT” workout equipment is gentle on the body and suitable for people of all fitness levels.

Eventually, the workout machine was made available for purchase by the general public by the company. It has 12 degrees of resistance, allowing you to choose how hard you want to push yourself and tailor your workout to your specific needs and goals. This gym equipment may also be used for more than 85 other workouts. This product comes with a lifetime warranty on the frame, which is an added bonus for buyers.

In the case of this brand, an endorsement comes from a celebrity who is well-known for his fitness and strength achievements: Chuck Norris. He was originally introduced to this fitness device more than three decades ago. The “lean, mean workout machine” is what he refers to it as. What are you waiting for, if “Total Gym FIT” is good enough for the great Chuck Norris?


Do you ever dream that you could have a personal fitness instructor come to your house to work out with you and your family? You may do this with the help of this fantastic workout brand. Mirror provides you with an interactive training tool in the form of a mirror – literally – to help you get in shape. You’ll receive a mirror that you can turn on and use to create your own fitness routines. After that, a fitness coach will appear in front of you in the mirror (like a reflection) to lead you through the rest of your exercise.

You can get practically any type of exercise you can think with these fitness equipment. It includes workouts such as boxing, yoga, pre and postnatal care routines, and Pilates, to name a few. As a result, there is something for every taste and preference. Additionally, you may construct your own unique music playlists to ensure that you work out while listening to the music you enjoy.

What’s so appealing about this gym equipment is that it can be easily accommodated in even the tiniest of dwellings. After all, it is only a mirror. Your posture and mobility may be simply checked by looking in the mirror to ensure that they are optimal.


TRX is an abbreviation for Total Resistance Exercises, which are resistance-based workouts that make use of suspension bands. It also has a rich historical background. While on tour in 1997, Navy SEAL Squadron Commander Randy Hetrick came up with the idea for the game. Hetrick created the very first TRX with simply a jiu-jitsu belt and parachute webbing, which was later refined. He invented the TRX suspension trainer in 2001, which was the first version ever made. In a short period of time, it gained enormous popularity among athletes and fitness professionals.

TRX as a type of workout quickly gained popularity across the world. By 2009, it had amassed a million users across more than 60 different nations. In today’s world, TRX suspension bands may be found in gyms of all sizes and types, both large and small.

TRX is comprised of just seven fundamental exercises, which are as follows: push, pull, plank, rotate, hinge, lunge, and squat. TRX is also comprised of only seven fundamental movements: push, pull, plank, rotate, hinge, lunge, and squat. Make a commitment to yourself to learn these skills from a licensed professional. Once you’ve mastered them, you’ll be able to mix and combine these exercises to create a fantastic workout on your own. It has also been shown to be useful in the burning of fat, the building of strength, and the improvement of cardiovascular health. Professional sports, mixed martial artists (MMA) fighters, and the military all employ this sort of workout since it is so effective.

If you enjoy this type of workout and have the necessary space in your house, you might consider investing in TRX suspension training bands. These bands are extremely durable and can support your entire body weight. Try them out for a fun and effective exercise.

Sole Fitness

For a number of years, Sole has been one of my go-to workout brands of choice. After testing and analyzing the bulk of their items, I’ve come to the conclusion that this firm prioritizes performance above all else.

I also appreciate that Sole keeps its exercise machines basic—you won’t find the most cutting-edge consoles here, but they’ll be simple to operate and easy to see while you’re working out, which is something I appreciate.

As the name implies, this company focuses on cardio machines (they do not yet provide any strength training equipment).

They’re particularly well-known for their treadmills (after all, it was via the provision of treadmills to hotels that the firm got its start), but their elliptical and exercise cycles are quite as outstanding, too.

Most fitness manufacturers do not have a cardio climber, which is something that Sole can boast about.

When it comes to their treadmills, you can anticipate large running surfaces and powerful motors—in fact, I don’t believe they offer any treadmills with motors that are less powerful than 3.0 CHP on their website.

Their frames are much more robust than most, supporting heavy machine weights and exceedingly large maximum user weight capabilities (many in the 400 lb. range).

Sole’s workout bikes and elliptical have heavier-than-usual flywheels, adjustable seats, and smooth-running motor systems to help you get in shape.

I really appreciate the warranties that Sole offers on its items. Regardless the price range, expect lifetime frame guarantees and 5-year warranties on the majority of parts.

When it comes to pricing, Sole products are competitively priced, with the bulk of their machines costing less than $2000.

As a whole, if you’re anything like me, and you value performance and warranties above cutting-edge technology, you should really consider Sole Fitness. I doubt you’ll be disappointed.


If you’re searching for a machine that is more technologically advanced, NordicTrack has you covered. This is another well-known business that began with a fantastic product (remember their cross-country skiers?) and then steadily expanded their product range to include other options.

NordicTrack now provides a little bit of everything, from basic treadmills and elliptical to cutting-edge, interactive strength training equipment, and everything in between (Fusion CST).

This brand is a subsidiary of the bigger ICON Health & Fitness corporation, which also owns the ProFrom fitness brand. You may have noticed that all of their items are iFit compatible—this is because ICON owns both iFit and the business that makes them.

NordicTrack machines aren’t always as durable as the machines from the other two companies mentioned above, but their consoles are far more advanced.

The majority of their cardio equipment are equipped with huge, high-definition touchscreen displays that can stream exercises and link with a variety of fitness applications.

It should be noted that this brand is also an innovator in its own right. The SpaceSaver elliptical, which can be folded and stored vertically, are particularly useful for those who live in small apartments.

As a result, the warranties offered by NordicTrack are not quite as excellent as those offered by Sole or Bowflex, which is one of the key reasons they are ranked third on our list.

Currently, they are only giving 10 years on most of their frames and two years on most of their parts, which isn’t terrible, but it might be better (as Sole and Bowflex prove).

Overall, NordicTrack is a great place to go if you’re seeking for beautiful screens and a wide variety of training alternatives in one area.

How to Choose Commercial Gym Equipment 

Let’s check out how to choose commercial gym equipment!

Characteristics to Look for in Strength Equipment Manufacturers

Training with weights is an integral part of any exercise or fitness-training plan. Aside from that, it is a critical component of cardiovascular conditioning exercise. A certain sort of equipment is required in order to achieve your strength training objectives.

This is the region where the use of strength equipment is most beneficial. Customers will flock to a gym that has the greatest strength training equipment on the market. The trick, though, is to select the appropriate brand of equipment.

We’ve covered the most important considerations to keep in mind while making such a decision in the sections below.

Brand Reputation

Generally speaking, people associate fame with a good reputation. This may not be suitable in a variety of circumstances. For example, some things are popular because they are inexpensive, but not because they are of high quality.

As a result, don’t base your decision just on the popularity of a certain strength equipment manufacturer. Make certain that it is associated with reputation and excellence. This is due to the fact that famous brands are dependable, safe, and long-lasting. As a result, the reputation of a brand is extremely important.

Manufacturing Quality

When it comes to selecting a strength equipment manufacturer, quality should be your primary consideration. Make certain to choose a brand that is known for its superior quality. Consider conducting some internet research before making any decisions.

It will provide you with an insight into the most highly regarded brands. Product evaluations can be really beneficial in this situation. You may learn a lot about the company and its goods by visiting their website.

While speaking with customer care representatives, it is also able to ask them certain questions. Strength equipment that has been subjected to quality assurance can last for a longer period of time. It can save you a lot of money in the long run in terms of maintenance and repairs.


Another significant factor that requires your attention is the issue of safety. Commercial gyms are required to adhere to stringent safety regulations and procedures. One of these safeguards is related to the equipment’s overall security.

In order to do this, you must choose gym equipment from a company that places a high importance on safety. Heavyweights and accessories are used in the construction of strength equipment, and they can be a safety concern.

As a result, it is critical to select a company that provides equipment that is both safe and secure. Customer reviews may be used to learn more about the safety aspects of a certain product.

Furthermore, it would be acceptable to get the opinions of other gym owners on the matter. The majority of the time, manufacturers that provide special safety measures specifically highlight them in the product description.

Warranty & Returns Policies

A product’s warranty serves to safeguard it from any manufacturing flaws that may occur. If you purchase a low-cost piece of equipment without purchasing a guarantee, you may wind up spending a lot of money on repairs or replacements.

Your gym equipment should last you for at least 5 years if it is well-built and maintained, and you should look for a guarantee that will cover it for the entire time period. Some brands will provide you with coverage for the rest of your life, but others may only provide you with coverage for a few years. Ensure that you thoroughly review the warranty information before making a purchasing decision.

It’s also a good idea to double-check the return policy. To ensure that you are receiving what you have paid for, most reputable businesses will allow you to return the product within a certain time period if you are dissatisfied with the purchase. This can help you save money by preventing you from purchasing needless equipment that will go unused at your facility.

Always look at customer reviews to get a sense of a company’s approach toward warranty claims. When it comes to replacing your equipment, the top manufacturers will move fast, while some can make the process tough. Checking client evaluations can once again assist you in determining whether or not this is a brand you want to business with.

Can You Gain Muscle from Home Workouts?

Many people believe that in order to grow muscle, you must lift weights. This is a widespread mistake. Yes, classical weightlifting can help you increase muscle mass in the long run (provided that your technique is correct). Bodyweight workouts, on the other hand, are a great way to grow muscle that you can perform in the comfort of your own home.

It’s important to note that many people have weights at their disposal at home. Individual dumbbells, for example, are readily available at most fitness stores at a reasonable price. Kettlebells, which are also available in a range of weights, can also be purchased as an alternative. Both of these pieces of equipment are quite portable and will assist you in building muscle at home.

Push-ups and squats, for example, are classic home workouts that might help you gain muscle. The most important factor is how many repetitions you are willing to put in your schedule. For example, a push-up program consisting of 40 repetitions will be considerably more successful than a push-up regimen consisting of only 1 or 2 repetitions.

A research was carried out to assess the effectiveness of bench-press workouts with push-ups. Essentially, the findings of the study indicate that both of these training approaches are beneficial in increasing muscle mass. This is true if you perform it regularly throughout an eight-week period of time.

Shall you consider investing in gym

Purchasing a gym can be a wise investment, but whether or not it will pay off will depend on a variety of circumstances. In order for people to continue to come and utilize your facility, you must provide them with the appropriate place and the appropriate equipment.

Depending on whether you want to fund it with a loan or not, you may also need to consider factors such as your credit rating. You should conduct preliminary research to ensure that you do not make an expensive error.

Setup costs for a commercial gym can range from $75,000 to $250,000, depending on the nature of the arrangement. Home or garage gyms are substantially less expensive than commercial gyms and are thus accessible to people of all financial backgrounds.

Is it better to lease or buy gym equipment?

Leasing gym equipment will save you money in the long run by allowing you to replace it every few years rather than all at once. In the long term, purchasing gym equipment is a superior investment; but, it will cost you more money up front, and there will be greater costs connected with upkeep.

Bottom Line

Your gym equipment is vital, especially if you own a business that provides fitness services. Having the correct equipment will thrill your users and keep both you and them coming back for more time and time again. High-quality gym equipment is not only visually appealing, but it also feels fantastic. Furthermore, it is simpler to use and offers greater value for money because it will last for a longer period of time. It’s not always obvious where to search for gym equipment, but the majority of the time it boils down to the brand.

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