Can Treadmill Lose Stomach Fat?

Can Treadmill Lose Stomach Fat?

Are you getting fat and worried about a ball like a fat belly? Then you must look for ways to get rid of such ugliness. You may opt for a treadmill. But can treadmill lose stomach fat?

A treadmill is an accessible option for anyone to attain a fitness level. It’s part and parcel of your home gym. This aerobic exercise machine helps lose weight and improve cardiovascular health. You may not fix up the fat burning zone. But working out on the treadmill will burn the overall body fat.

The intended article will let you know the role of the treadmill in losing body fat, including other benefits of treadmill walking. 

How to Lose Belly Fat Using a Treadmill?

Sometimes confusion arises about the query -can treadmill lose stomach fat? The reality is treadmills and fat reduction are interrelated. If you want to reduce belly fat using a treadmill, you must maintain a treadmill routine. And you must have a plan. 

Maintaining regularity, you can upgrade the intensity of your exercise on the machine. Because with higher intensity, you will be able to burn belly fat as well as calories. But what to do on treadmill to lose belly fat? After determining the fat burning zone, you must calculate the maximum heart rate.

To burn the most stubborn belly fat, you must give a slow start to your effort. Then go for a gradual increase in your pace. Hence, how long should you run on a treadmill to lose belly fat?

Remember that to be successful in the attempt of losing belly fat; consistency is a prerequisite. Usually, a 30-minute fat burning treadmill workout is an ideal practice time. You may try different types of workouts to make the weight loss process a funny activity.

Points to be remembered –

  • Never hunch the shoulders
  • Not to hold onto the handrail or console.
  • Avoiding overstriding
  • Swinging your arms

What Are the Benefits of a Treadmill?

The benefits of Treadmill Walking are numerous. With speedy running on a treadmill, you can burn up to 800 calories in an hour. Besides, by the use of a treadmill regularly, you can –

  • Maintain a healthy lifestyle 
  • Attain a physical fitness goal.
  • It helps control blood pressure, 
  • Get relief from lower back pain 
  • Ensure strong bones and muscle
  • Improves muscle tone.
  • Control type 2 diabetes, including other diabetes-related complications 
  • Reduces blood glucose
  • Lose weight faster
  • Relieve yourself from monotony, as there are entertainment options like watching shows and listening to music, etc. 

How to Lose Weight within a Limited Time Period?

Every fatty guy suffers from different sorts of problems. When it causes health issues, the health providers emphasize weight loss. Then people opt for ways to get relief from difficulties within the shortest possible time. Maybe they have decided to fix up a time frame of 2 weeks. Then they should know how to lose weight on a treadmill in 2 weeks. 

It is not that much difficult to attain the goal within 2 weeks. To get the best result at, first find out the fat burning zone. Determine the fat burning heart rate. Then start doing exercise. Thus, you can enhance the weight loss process.

Initially, you should warm up by walking for 5 minutes at 2 mph. Then jog for 1 minute at 4 mph. Start treadmill walking at a low speed. Now, you know how to use treadmill to lose weight.

Treadmill workouts for beginners to lose belly fat must be at a slow pace. It takes 5 to 10 minutes. Thus, beginners should prepare their bodies for harder activities. But nothing should be done in exchange of the doer’s comfort.

How Long Should You Walk on a Treadmill Per Day?

Walking on a treadmill for 40-42 minutes per day is suggested. On an average, it is 300 min/week. It will help you lose 1-kilo weight within a week. Such practice offers different health benefits. The benefits of the treadmill include weight loss and fat burn. 

Note that, if you are at the starting level of your weight loss journey, 20 minutes a day is good enough. Determine the time according to your physical fitness. Initially, do treadmill walking for 5 to 10 minutes. If you are okay, increase the duration gradually. 

You can manage treadmill walking in two different time slots – morning and evening. Adjust yourself to the timing that suits you the best.

What Are the Additional Ways to Reduce Fat?

Obesity or fattiness is a great problem in the current world. Due to obesity, one loses not only his/her beauty but faces different types of health issues. According to research, you may adopt some measures to avoid this ugliness.  

To increase calorie burn, you may do the following activities.

Doing exercise 

A proven fact is that burning calories is related to the time spent on exercise, vigorousness of exercise, etc. At the time of exercise, you burn calories. As a result, your activities get fuel. 

There are endless benefits of exercise. Calorie burning goes on even after the completion of the workout. It increases metabolic rate too. To enjoy a prolonged calorie burning effect, you need to do exercise for a long time.

Strength Training for Muscle Building

Exercise helps build muscle mass. Research shows that calorie burning is higher in muscle tissue than in body fat. Aerobic exercise is a great way to increase metabolism and do calorie burning.

Strength training helps us in our old age. Hence, we need to add some sort of strength training to our workout to prevent slowing down the metabolism process. 

Drink Green or Black Tea

Being a stimulant, caffeine accelerates calorie burning. Moreover, it influences metabolism resulting in calorie burn. As green or black tea contains caffeine, they play a role in burning fat.

In addition to doing the things mentioned above, you may – 

  • Take a small amount of food frequently
  • Not skip breakfast
  • Eat low-fat food items
  • Drink enough water daily, at least 8 cups a day
  • Fidget

But whatever you do to burn fat, a sincere consultation with a doctor will keep you risk free in the whole process.


Can walking on a treadmill reduce belly fat?

  • Walking on a treadmill contributes a lot in reducing belly fat. To have a slim waist and flat belly, spend at least 30 minutes per day on a treadmill. Treadmill running allows no come back of deep belly fat.  

What is a good speed to walk on a treadmill to lose weight?

– Speed matters a lot when you walk on a treadmill for weight loss. It’s suggested to raise the pace up to 4 miles per hour if you intend to lose weight. It means you need to walk 135 steps per minute.  

Final Word

As you have gone through the article, you know about the benefits of treadmill walking. So, can a treadmill lose stomach fat? or does using a treadmill burn belly fat? – is no more an unknown fact to you.

To retain the most benefits from exercise on a machine, you may have to change the treadmill routine. But do it in such a way that reduces the risk of injury.

Repeating the same old exercise routine might cause you boredom. So, you must mingle some exercises occasionally. You may go for multiple exercise plans for additional days.

It is your time to show the thumb to your fluffy, running belly.

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